at Eden's Gate

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Mischief at Eden's Gate


Ever had a post deathbed confession? Jessica lo Dannos Hernandez has, twice. They’re not as fun as one might imagine, especially when her mother reveals her childhood preacher is her father. Jessica, better known to her friends as Danni, is a private investigator, dealing mostly with financial fraud. So, what are the chances that she receives a case of financial mishaps at the very church where her dear old dad ministers?

She is left with two choices: let sleeping dogs lie or go nail her father to his proverbial cross. 

In this detective mystery, Danni is no one’s prodigal daughter. She is a foul mouthed, ill tempered, weapon toting, head case with man eating tendencies. Along with her vampire teeth wearing pug, Count Pugula, she sets off to find the truth, for her client and herself. 

Much to her dismay, she is too late, her father ‘The Preacher’ is dead. But, not all is lost for Danni when she meets Teddy, an unassuming but willing partner in crime. Together they unravel a decades-long conspiracy, on which the very foundation of the church is built. 

Danni wades into the long held secrets of Eden’s Gate. She must unravel years of secret cover ups and half truths dating back to her fourteen year old mother. As well as find the leak in the sieve of church funds before the thief gets away with more than just money. 


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A Sampling of the Book

I really hadn’t meant to cause such a scene at that poor man’s funeral. I mean, what kind of man faints in the middle of church? Who the f@#k was I kidding? I abso-f@#king-lutley loved it….

I had the idea of wandering the grounds until whatever service let out to talk to the man I shared DNA with. At least, that’s what I had told myself. Then I saw a man standing on the sidewalk looking as lost and uncomfortable as I felt. So, I took Count Pugula out of his carrier and went to find out what I could about the man outside the church. It all went to sh!t when he started staring at my tits from half a block away. This should be fun!

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Spin Off Series

Want more of Eden’s Gate? 

See what happens with Parker and Craig? 

Their story will be coming out soon!

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Stunning Graphics

Crissie Acosta

Crissie Acosta lives in Central Florida with her family. She has been writing since she was a teenager and loved to dream up new characters and storylines. She loves to read and enjoys a diversity of different genres. She takes pride in intertwining the roots of her rich Cuban heritage into her characters and stories. Crissie loves to create multifaceted and flawed characters. She believes in writing the way people truly are through different personality traits and across genres.

What she really wants to say about herself…

Crissie is a foul mouth often smart ass transplant from Miami. She loves her family, reading and the outdoors but not if she has to sweat too much. Crissie spends most of her time reading, writing or creating other forms of art from painting, soap making and miniature lighthouse building.

That and taking naps, naps are good.

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